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Conduit Fittings

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Conduit Fittings

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Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

PE-100-RR-G, PE-125-RR, PE-100-CC, PE-100-EB, PE-100-RR, PE-125-CC-G, PE-125-CC, PE-125-RR-G, PE-075... More


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PE-100-RR-G PE-125-RR PE-100-CC PE-100-EB PE-100-RR PE-125-CC-G PE-125-CC PE-125-RR-G PE-075-CC-G PE-075-CC PE-050-CC-G PE-050-CC PE-100-CC-G PE-075-EB PE-125-EB PE-100-EB-G BPE-050-RR PE-050-EB-G PE-050-EB PE-125-EE-G PE-075-EB-G PE-075-RR-G PE-075-RR PE-050-RR-G PE-050-RR PE-125-EB-G CEB-100 CEB-075 MGBG-125 BPE-050-RR-G MGB-125SS MGBG-075SS MGBG-050SS MGB-600SS MGB-500SS MGB-400SS MGBG-125SS MGB-350SS MGB-300SS MGB-250SS MGB-200SS MGB-150SS MGBI-100SS MGBI-075SS MGBI-050SS MGBG-600SS MGBG-500SS MGBG-100SS MGBG-400SS MGBG-350SS MGBG-300SS MGBG-250SS MGBG-200SS MGBG-150SS PE-050-RB BPE-050-RB-G BPE-050-RB PE-125-CB-G PE-125-CB PE-075-RB PE-100-CB-G PE-100-CB PE-075-CB-G PE-075-CB PE-050-CB-G MGB-100SS MGB-075SS MGB-050SS RB-100/075 RB-100/050 PE-050-RB-G RB-075/050 PE-050-CB PE-125-RB-G PE-125-EE PE-125-RB PE-100-RB-G PE-100-RB PE-075-RB-G MLTS150* MLTY075* MLTY050* MLTY037* MLTS400* MLTY125* MLTS350* MLTS300* MLTS250* MLTS200* LTS-125I PLTA for 90 degree connectors, followed by -050,-075,-100 and followed by Blank (Represent Grey colour body) or followed by B (Represent Black colour body) MLTY400* MLTY100* MLTY350* MLTY300* MLTY250* MLTY200* MLTY150* DUP-1S DUP-1DS DUP-1 PE MLTS125* MLTS100* MLTS075* FBMC-037 DUP-2 CBXC-037 BXC-037DSI BXC-037 SSQ-037 ASQ-037/050 MTPC-150 MTPC-125 MTPC-100 MTPC-075 MTPC-250 MTPC-050 SICP-200 BPE-075-RR-G SICP-150 SICP-125 4300ST or SESN-300I 4300S or SESN-300 4250UST 4250US MTPC-200 4250ST or SESN-250I 4250S or SESN-250 MTPC-400 MTPC-350 MTPC-300 LTS-350I LTS-350 LTS-300I LTS-300 LTS-250I LTS-250 LTS-200I LTS-200 LTS-150I LTS-150 SLT-100I SLT-100 SLT-075I SLT-075 SLT-050I LTS-400 SLT-050 SLT-037I SLT-037 LTS-400I SLT-125 TPC-350 MGBI-300SS TPC-200 TPC-250 TPC-150 TPC-400 MGB-050 BPE-075-RR TPC-300 TPC-050 MGBI-600 CE-050 TPC-075 TPC-100 TPC-125 CE-075 MGB050T MSSQ-037 MSSQ-037I MGBI-600SS MGBI-500SS MGBI-400SS MGBI-350SS MGBI-400 MGB350T MGB300T MGB250T MGB200T MGB075T MGB150T MGB125T MGB100T MGBI-125SS MGBG-075 MGBI-050 MGBI-075 MGBG-050 MGB-600 MGBI-500 MGBG-100 MGBG-150 MGBG-200 MGBG-250 MGBG-300 MGBG-600 MGBG-350 MGBG-400 MGBG-500 MGB-400 MGBI-250 MGBI-125 MGBI-150 MGB-500 MGBI-300 MGBI-350 MGB400T MGBI-200 MGB-350 MGB-300 MGB-250 MGBI-100 MGB-200 MGB-075 MGB-150 MGB-125 MGB-100 MGBI-250SS MGBI-150SS MGBI-200SS ASQ-037DS LNC-350 LNC-300 LNC-250 ASQ-050DSI BSP-050 BSP-075 BSP-200 LNC-200 BXC-037DS BXC-037DSI BXC-037S CBXC-037DS LNC-400 CBXC-037DSI BXC-037 FBMC-037 FBMC-037S ASQ-037DSI CN-050 ASQ-050DS CN-400 CN-250I CN-300 CN-300I CN-350 CN-250 CN-400I MCN-050 MCN-050I MCN-075 CN-350I CN-050I CN-075 CN-075I CN-100 CN-100I CN-125I CN-150 CN-150I CN-200 CN-200I CN-125 ALT-150 ALT-125I ALT-125 ALT-100I ALT-150I ALT-100 ALT-075I ALT-075 ALT-050I ALT-050 ALT-037I WTH-250I WTH-125I(CP) WTH-150I WTH-150I(CP) WTH-200I WTH-250I(CP) WTH-300I ALT-250 ALT-200I ALT-200 WTH-200I(CP) LNC-075 LN-300 LN-350 LN-400 LNC-050 LN-200 LNC-075MT LNC-100 LNC-100MT LNC-125 LNC-050MT LN-050 LNC-150 WTH-300I(CP) WTH-350I WTH-350I(CP) WTH-400I LN-250 LN-075 MCN-500 LN-100 MCN-075I LN-125 LN-150 ALT-037 WTH-400I(CP) SSQ-250I SSQ-400 SSQ-350I SSQ-350 SSQ-300I SSQ-250 SSQ-200I SSQ-200 SSQ-150I SSQ-300 MASQ-150 MCN-400I MASQ-250 MASQ-200I MASQ-200 SSQ-400I MASQ-125I MASQ-125 MASQ-100I MASQ-100 SSQ-125I MASQ-150I MSSQ-200 SSQ-150 MSSQ-300I MSSQ-300 MSSQ-250I MSSQ-250 MSSQ-350 MSSQ-150I MSSQ-125 MSSQ-100I MSSQ-200I MASQ-300 SSQ-125 SSQ-100I SSQ-100 SSQ-075I SSQ-075 SSQ-050I SSQ-050 MSSQ-400I MSSQ-400 MSSQ-350I MCN-350 MCN-350I MCN-400 WTH-125I MASQ-250I MCN-300 MCN-600 ON-050 ON-075 ON-100 ON-125 MCN-100 MCN-100I MCN-125 MCN-125I MCN-150 MCN-300I MCN-150I MCN-200 MCN-200I MCN-250 MCN-250I MASQ-400I PE-100-EE-G SAD-037S SAD-037 PE-075-EE-G MASQ-400 MASQ-350I MASQ-350 MASQ-300I SSQ-037 BPE-075-EE ON-200 ON-250 ON-300 BPE-050-EE PE-100-EE ON-150 BPE-075-EE-G PE-050-EE PE-050-EE-G PE-075-EE BPE-050-EE-G SLT-300I SLT-300 SLT-250I SLT-250 SLT-200I SLT-350I SLT-200 SLT-150I SLT-150 SLT-125I ALT-100I ALT-100 ALT-075I ALT-075 ALT-050I SLT-350 ALT-050 ALT-037I ALT-037 SLT-400I SLT-400 LTA-350 LTA-300I LTA-300 LTA-250I LTA-250 LTA-400 LTA-200I LTA-200 LTA-150I LTA-150 LTS-050I LTS-125 LTS-100I LTS-100 LTS-075I LTA-350I LTS-050 LTS-037I LTS-037 LTA-400I LTS-075 LTS-125 LTS-050I LTS-200I LTS-200 LTS-150I LTS-150 SLT-037 LTS-100I LTS-100 LTS-075I LTS-075 LTS-125I SLT-150I SLT-150 SLT-125I SLT-125 SLT-100I SLT-100 SLT-075I SLT-075 SLT-050I SLT-050 SLT-037I ALT-200I LTA-075 LTA-050I LTA-050 LTA-037I LTA-075I ALT-200 ALT-150I ALT-150 ALT-125I LTA-125 LTA-037 LTS-050 LTS-037I LTS-037 LTA-200I LTA-200 LTA-150I ALT-125 LTA-150 LTA-125I LTA-125 LTA-100I LTA-100 7300ST or SECN-300I 7300US 7300UST 7350S or SECN-350 LTA-125I 7350ST or SECN-350I 725OUS 7350US 7350UST 7400S or SECN-400

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.

Sigma Engineered Solutions


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