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Conduit Fittings

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Product Code (UL CCN):
The document listing is represented by a combination of the UL CCN and File Number. A UL CCN (Category Control Number) is the code that represents the Product Category (Category Description). See below for more info on those terms.

Product CategoryThe Product Category, also known as the UL Category Description, describes the product classification under which an item or product is listed.

Conduit Fittings

File Number

File NumberA code UL has assigned to identify and track this listing.


Model Number(s)

Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

BZL3548, BZL3542, BZL3546, BZL3545, BZL3544, BZL3522, BZL3550, BZL3568, BZL3541, BZL3526, BZL3543, 3... More


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BZL3548 BZL3542 BZL3546 BZL3545 BZL3544 BZL3522 BZL3550 BZL3568 BZL3541 BZL3526 BZL3543 3403-8 BZL3426 3404 BZL3518 3403 3402-8 BZL3565 BZL3564 BZL3563 BZL3562 BZL3561 BZL3556 BZL3441 BZL3436 BZL3432 BZL3428 BZL3425 BZL3443 BZL3424 BZL3423 BZL3422 BZL3421 BZL3516 BZL3515 BZL3514 BZL3513 BZL3512 BZL3442 BZL3511 BZL3448 BZL3446 BZL3445 BZL3444 3514 3513-8 3513 3512-8 3512 3515 3511 3448 3446 3445 3543 3542-8 3542 3514-8 3541RAC 3541 3526 3522 3518 3516 3443 3412 3422-8 3422 3421-8 3421 3444 3410 3408 3406 3405 3416 3426 3442 3441 3436 3432 3423 3425 3424-8 3424 3423-8 3404-8 3428 3565 3556 3LK76 3LK75 3LK74 3568 3LK77 3564 3563 3562 3561 3566 3LL04 3LK88 3LK87 3LK85 3LK84 3LK83 3LK82 3LK81 3LK80 3LK79 3LK78 BZL3416 3550 3548 3546 3545 3544-8 3544 3543-8 3402 3401-8 3401 4A237 6X774 6X773 6X772 6X771 3LL33 4A236 4A235 4A234 3LL35 6X770 BZL3404 BZL3410 BZL3412 BZL3408 3LL05 BZL3406 6X775 BZL3403 6X921 6X920 BZL3401 BZL3405 3LL16 3LL15 3LL14 3LL13 3LL17 3LL10 3LL06 BZL3402 3LL07 3LL09 3LL08 3LL12 3LL31 3LL26 3LL28 3LL29 3LL24 3LL22 3LL20 3LL21 3LL18 3LL19

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.



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