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Conduit Fittings

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Conduit Fittings

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Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

810, 1209Z, 1208Z, 1207Z, 1210Z, 1206Z, 1211Z, 806Z, 1212Z, 1213Z, ST10 (a), 1214Z, 1215Z, 807Z, 808... More


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810 1209Z 1208Z 1207Z 1210Z 1206Z 1211Z 806Z 1212Z 1213Z ST10 (a) 1214Z 1215Z 807Z 808Z 809Z 810Z 811Z 812Z ST11 (a) 814Z 815Z 816Z ST12 (a) 1315 ST13 (a) ST14 (a) ST15 (a) ST16 (a) ST17 (a) ST18 (a) 812 1313 1206 1206SS 1207 809 CSB-250 814 815 816 817 818 811 CSB-300 CSB-350 CSB-400 806 90ZT 90Z 91Z 94Z 97Z 91ZT 92Z 92ZT 93Z SCC-350 94ZT 95Z 95ZT 96Z 96ZT 1209SS NTC-75T 93ZT 98Z 98ZT 99Z 99ZT 23E 24E 25E DBS-50 DBS-75 NTC-125T NTC-350T NTC-600T NTC-150T NTC-200 NTC-200T NTC-250T NTC-400T NTC-500 NTC-500T NTC-50T NTC-600 1314 22E NTC-100T NTC-300T 1207SS 1208 1208SS 1209 CHM400 1213SS 1210SS 1211 1211SS 1212 1212SS 1216 1214 1214SS 1215 1215SS 1213 98T 1217 1217SS 807 808 97Z 996 1210 98Z 99 995 995T C466# 98 C42 99T 99Z BS50 BS75 C44 996T OSN125 OSN50 OSN75 C41 C42 97ZT C43 C45 C46 C465 C466 C43 C44 C45 C46 C41 SLT67T SLT36TMG C467# C468# OSN-100 OSN-125 SLT40T TWH10, trade size 1/2(16) TWH100, trade size 4(103) SLT68TG SLT68T OSN-50 SLT39TMG SLT66TG SLT66T SLT65TG SLT65T OSN-75 SLT67TG SLT39T SLT38TMG SLT38T SLT37TMG SLT40TMG SCC-125 SLT35TMG NTCC-500 NTCC-600 SCC-400 C465# SCC-150 SCC-200 SCC-250 SCC-300 ST19 (a) SCC-100 CHM125 SLT37T SCC-50 SCC-500 SCC-600 SCC-75 SLT36T 1216SS CHM150 CHM200 CHM250 CHM300 SLT65T CHM100 C28T C61T C31T CHM50 CHM500 CHM600 CHM75 10E 11E 1341 1342 316M C25Z C31 C28Z C32 C29 C29T C30 C34 C28 C32T C33 C33T C30T C38Z C35T C35Z C35ZT C36 C36Z C60T C36ZT C37 C37T C37Z C37ZT C38 C39ZT C30Z C34T C38ZT C39 C39T C35 C40 C38T C40T C40Z C40ZT C60 C39Z C67 341 LT35 C65 C65T C66 C27 352 C67T DB250IC C68 C68T DB125IC DB150IC C66T 341T DB300IC DB350IC DB400IC 340 C25Z 340T 342 350 351 C37Z C28ZT C61 C27T C27Z C27ZT LT25 C31Z C29Z C29Z C29ZT C27ZT C36T C38Z C31ZT OSN100 C32Z C32Z DB200IC C30ZT C39Z C40Z C47Z C32ZT LT36 LT37 LT38 LT39 LT40 SLT30T LT29 LT30 LT31 LT32 LT32 LT25 LT27 LT28 LT29 LT30 LT28 LT37 LT47 LT33 LT33T LT34 LT35 LT36 SLT28T LT31 LT38 LT39 LT40 LT47 LT60 SLT28T CHM350 LT66 LT67 LT68 SLT25 SLT25-45T SLT25T SLT40 SLT25T SLT27 SLT27T SLT27T LT65 LT27 SLT29 SLT29T SLT29T SLT30 SLT28 SLT35T SLT31 SLT31T SLT31T SLT32 SLT33T SLT33T SLT34T SLT35 SLT32T SLT37 LT61 SLT35T SLT35T SLT25TMG SLT25T SLT33 LT7590SS SLT32T LT68 SLT35-45T LT67 LT66 SLT36-45T SLT36T SLT36T SLT37-45T SLT37T SLT37T SLT38 SLT38-45T SLT60 C36Z SLT30T SLT39 SLT39-45T SLT39T SLT39T SLT40-45T SLT60T SLT40T SLT40T SLT47 SLT47T SLT38T SLT38T SLT60T SLT61 SLT61T SLT65 SLT47T SLT65T SLT66 SLT66-45T SLT66T SLT66T SLT68T NTCC-125 SLT67T SLT67T SLT68 SLT68-45T NTC-350 NTC-100 NTC-125 NTC-150 NTC-250 SLT67-45T TRC-125 SLT68T NTC-400 NTC-50 NTC-75 TRC-100 TRC-100T NTC-300 TRC-125T TRC-150 TRC-150T TRC-200 TRC-200T C47A TRC-75 TRC-75T TRCC-100 TRCC-125 TRCC-150 TRCC-200 TRCC-50 TRCC-75 DBC-50 DBC-75 TRC-50T ERC-22 SLT67 ERC-23 ERC-24 S16ES S17ES S18ES NTCC-150 NTCC-200 NTCC-250 NTCC-300 NTCC-350 CSI-100M ($) 92T NTCC-75 CSI90-100M ($) CSI90-50M ($) CSI90-75M ($) 1316 CSI-50M ($) CSI-75M ($) NTCC-50 1329 1320 1321 172C AX-200 1332 1333 AX-100 AX-125 C25T NTCC-100 AX-250 AX-300 AX-350 AX-400 AX-50 AX-150 C22 C23C E35 E36 E37 NTCC-400 AX-75 315M 317M C25 C270 C270A 1F TWH100 2F TRC-50 3F SLT36 4F 5F 6F

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.



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