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Conduit Fittings

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The document listing is represented by a combination of the UL CCN and File Number. A UL CCN (Category Control Number) is the code that represents the Product Category (Category Description). See below for more info on those terms.

Product CategoryThe Product Category, also known as the UL Category Description, describes the product classification under which an item or product is listed.

Conduit Fittings

File Number

File NumberA code UL has assigned to identify and track this listing.


Model Number(s)

Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

PMSTG-10, KKSTG9, PMST-3, PMST-9, PMST-8, PMST-7, PMST-6, PMST-5, PMST-4, PMSTG-1, PMST-2, PMST-12... More


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PMSTG-10 KKSTG9 PMST-3 PMST-9 PMST-8 PMST-7 PMST-6 PMST-5 PMST-4 PMSTG-1 PMST-2 PMST-12 PMST-11 PMSTG-11 PMST-1 PRSTG10 KKSTG8 PRSTG11 KKSTG7 KKSTG6 KKSTG5 PMST-10 PRST12 KKSTG4 KK5332 PRSTG1 PRST9 PRST8 PRST7 PRST6 PRST5 PRST4 PMSTG-5 PRST2 PMSTG-12 PRST11 PRST10 PRST1 PMSTG-9 PMSTG-8 PMSTG-7 PMSTG-6 PMSTG-4 PMSTG-3 PMSTG-2 PRST3 KK5338 PR5331 PM4Q75T PM4Q50T PM4Q400T PM4Q300T PM4Q200T PM4Q150T PM4Q100T KK5334 KK5339 PR5334 KK5337 KK5336 PRSTG12 KK5333 STLNUT3-1/2 KK5331 3/8 in. to 1 in., 1-1/2 in. to 4 in. PR5360, trade size 4 in. PR5359, trade size 4 in. PR5358, trade size 4 in. KK5340 KKST2 KKSTG2 KKSTG12 KKSTG11 KKSTG10 KKSTG1 KKST9 KKST8 KKST7 KKST6 KKST5 PR5332 KKST3 PR5333 KKST12 KKST11 KKST10 KKST1 PR5340 PR5339 PR5338 PR5337 PR5336 KKSTG3 KKST4 KKSCPLG-5 RSRE31X (c) PRSCPLG-2-1/2 PRSCPLG-2 PMSCPLG-6 PMSCPLG-5 PMSCPLG-4 PMSCPLG-3-1/2 PMSCPLG-3 PMSCPLG-2-1/2 PRSCPLG-3-1/2 KKSCPLG-6 PRSCPLG-4 KKSCPLG-4 KKSCPLG-3-1/2 KKSCPLG-3 KKSCPLG-2-1/2 KKSCPLG-2 RSTSF2XXH (b) RSTSF1XXH (b) RSRE32XH (c) RSRE32X (c) STLNUT2-1/2 PMSCPLG-2 PR5357, trade size 4 in. PM4Q250T PRSCPLG-3 RSRE21XH (c) RS3PC316 RS3PC216 PRSCPLG-6 PRSCPLG-5 ST12 RSRE31XH (c) STG10 STG1 ST9 ST8 ST7 ST6 ST5 ST4 STG12 ST2 STG2 ST11 ST10 ST1 PRSTG9 PRSTG8 PRSTG7 PRSTG6 PRSTG5 PRSTG4 PRSTG3 ST3 RSRE21XH (b) RSRE21X (c) STLNUT6 STLNUT5 STLNUT4 STLNUT3/4 STLNUT3 STLNUT2 STLNUT1/2 STLNUT1-1/4 STG11 STLNUT1 PRSTG2 RSHUB2XX (b) RSHUB1XXH (b) RSHUB1XX (b) STG9 STG8 STG7 STG6 STG5 STG4 STG3 STLNUT1-1/2 GALSEC500 NYSRCC400 SGALSEC300 GALSRCK75 GALSRCK50 GALSRCK400 GALSRCK350 GALSRCK300 GALSRCK250 GALSRCK200 NYSEC150 GALSRCK100 NYSEC200 GALSEC50 GALSEC400 GALSEC350 GALSEC250 GALSEC200 GALSEC150 GALSEC125 GALSEC100 NYSRCC75 RSLN516 GALSRCK150 NYSRCK200 RSLN416 RSLN316 RSLN216 RSLN116 1/2 in - 4 in. NYSRCK75 NYSRCK50 NYSRCK400 NYSRCK350 NYSEC125 NYSRCK250 NYSRCC350 NYSRCK150 NYSRCK125 NYSRCK100 NYSEC75 NYSEC500 NYSEC50 NYSEC400 NYSEC350 NYSEC300 NYSEC250 NYSRCK300 NYSRCC50 PM4Q38T PR5356, trade size 4 in. GALSRCC250 NYSRCC300 NYSRCC250 NYSRCC200 NYSRCC150 NYSRCC125 NYSRCC100 GALSRCC75 GALSRCC50 GALSRCC400 GALSRCC300 GALSRCK125 GALSRCC200 GALSRCC150 GALSRCC125 GALSRCC100 GALSRCC350 PM4Q4300T PR5348 PR5347 PR5346 PR5344 PR5343 PR5342 PR5341 PM4Q475T PM4Q450T KK5343 PM4Q438T KK5351, trade size 4 in. PM4Q4250T PM4Q4200T PM4Q4150T PM4Q4100T KK5350 KK5349 KK5348 KK5347 KK5346 KK5344 PM4Q4400T PM4Q9100T, trade size 4 in. PR5354, trade size 4 in. PR5353, trade size 4 in. PR5352, trade size 4 in. PR5351, trade size 4 in. PM4Q975T, trade size 4 in. PM4Q950T, trade size 4 in. PM4Q9400T, trade size 4 in. PM4Q938T, trade size 4 in. PM4Q9300T, trade size 4 in. PM4Q9250T, trade size 4 in. PR5349 GALSEC75 PR5350 RSLN616 KK5359, trade size 4 in. KK5358, trade size 4 in. KK5357, trade size 4 in. KK5356, trade size 4 in. KK5355, trade size 4 in. KK5354, trade size 4 in. KK5353, trade size 4 in. KK5352, trade size 4 in. KK5360, trade size 4 in. PM4Q9200T, trade size 4 in. KKLBD9900, trade size 3-1/2 in. LBD9900, trade size 3-1/2 in.* LBD8800, trade size 3 in.* LBD7700, trade size 2-1/2 in.* LBD6600, trade size 2 in.* LBD5500, trade size 1-1.2 in.* LBD4400, trade size 1-1/4 in.* LBD3300, trade size 1 in.* LBD2200, trade size 3/4 in.* LBD1100, trade size 1/2 in.* PMLBD-012, trade size 5 in. LBD012, trade size 5 in.* KKLBD6600, trade size 2 in. KKLBD8800, trade size 3 in. KKLBD7700, trade size 2-1/2 in. KKLBD5500, trade size 1-1/2 in KKLBD012, trade size 5 in. KKLBD3300, trade size 1 in. KKLBD2200, trade size 3/4 in. KKLBD1100, trade size 1/2 in. KK5342 PM4Q9150T, trade size 4 in. KKLBD10900, trade size 4 in. LBD10900, trade size 4 in.* PRLBD5500, trade size 1-1/2 in. PRLBD9900, trade size 3-1/2 in. PRLBD8800, trade size 3 in. KKLBD4400, trade size 1-1/4 in. PMLBD-10900, trade size 4 in. PRLBD6600, trade size 2 in. PRLBD4400, trade size 1-1/4 in. PRLBD3300, trade size 1 in. PRLBD2200, trade size 3/4 in. PRLBD1100, trade size 1/2 in. KK5341 PRLBD10900, trade size 4 in. PMLBD-5500, trade size 1-1/2 in. PMLBD-4400, trade size 1-1/4 in. PRLBD7700, trade size 2-1/2 in. PMLBD-3300, trade size 1 in. PMLBD-2200, trade size 1/2 in.* PMLBD-1100, trade size 1/2 in. PMLBD-6600, trade size 2 in. PMLBD-7700, trade size 2-1/2 in. PMLBD-8800, trade size 3 in. PMLBD-9900, trade size 3-1/2 in. PRLBD012, trade size 5 in. RSHUB3XXH where XX may be 03, 04, or 16 RSHUB3XX, where XX may be 03, 04, or 16 RSTSF3XXH, where XX may be 03, 04, or 16 RSRE42XH, RSRE43XH, RSRE53XH, RSRE54XH, RSRE62XH, RSRE63XH, RSRE64XH, RSRE65XH, RSRE42X, RSRE43X, RSRE53X, RSRE54X, RSRE62X, RSRE63X, RSRE64X, RSRE65X, where X may be 3, 4, or 6 RSHUB4XXH, RSHUB5XXH, RSHUB6XXH, RSHUB4XX, RSHUB5XX, RSHUB6XX, RSHUB7XX, RSHUB8XX, where XX may be 03, 04, or 16RSHUB4XXH, RSHUB5XXH, RSHUB6XXH, RSHUB4XX, RSHUB5XX, RSHUB6XX, RSHUB7XX, RSHUB8XX, where XX may be 03, 04, or 16 RSTSF4XXH, RSTSF5XXH, RSTSF6XXH, where XX may be 03, 04, or 16

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.



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