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Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment Certified for Canada

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The document listing is represented by a combination of the UL CCN and File Number. A UL CCN (Category Control Number) is the code that represents the Product Category (Category Description). See below for more info on those terms.

Product CategoryThe Product Category, also known as the UL Category Description, describes the product classification under which an item or product is listed.

Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment Certified for Canada

File Number

File NumberA code UL has assigned to identify and track this listing.


Model Number(s)

Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

AP8459NA3, AP8861, APDU9970, AP8930, AP8461, AP8930J, AP8481, AP8931, AP8862, AP8932, AP8863, AP8941... More


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AP8459NA3 AP8861 APDU9970 AP8930 AP8461 AP8930J AP8481 AP8931 AP8862 AP8932 AP8863 AP8941 AP4430XYYY AP8541 AP8953 AP8958 AP8864 AP8958EU3 AP8958NA3 AP8865 AP8959 AP8830 AP8830J AP8959EU3 AP8831 AP8959NA3 AP8832 AP8553 AP8961 AP8962 AP8833J AP8965 AP8561 AP8565 AP8866 AP8581 AP8867 AP8868 AP8586 AP8869 AP8970 AP8153X952 AP8589 AP8632 AP8186X952 AP8870 AP8987 AP8641 AP8653 AP8159X952 AP8459WW APDU9959NA3 AP8841 AP8659EU3 AP8853 APDU9961 AP8659NA3 AP8661 APDU9965 AP8441 APDU9966 AP8453 AP8459 AP8887 AP8858EU3 APDU9967 AP8459EU3 AP8858NA3 AP8888 AP7175B AP7152B AP7155B AP8832J APDU1&*%% # - XXXX APF8959ZY-XXXXX APF8556ZY-XXXXX APF8953ZY-XXXXX APF8596ZY-XXXXX APF8696ZY-XXXXX APF8981ZY-XXXXX APF8496ZY-XXXXX APF8453ZY-XXXXX APF8659ZY-XXXXX APF8481ZY-XXXXX APF8686ZY-XXXXX APF8896ZD-XXXXX APF8553ZY-XXXXX APF8456ZY-XXXXX APF8459ZY-XXXXX APF8956ZY-XXXXX APF8586ZY-XXXXX APF8656ZY-XXXXX APF8996ZY-XXXXX APF8681ZY-XXXXX APF8559ZY-XXXXX APF8653ZY-XXXXX APF8581ZY-XXXXX APF8986ZY-XXXXX APF8486ZY-XXXXX AP4450#J AP4432# AP4421# AP4453# AP4424# AP4423# AP4452# AP4425# AP4422# AP4431# AP4450# AP4452#J AP4433# AP4434# AP4430# AP9571A AP6020A AP6007A AP6015A AP9572 AP7821B AP9570 AP6009A AP6032A AP7541 AP6120A AP7920B AP7900B AP6038A AP7820B AP9565 AP7800B AP9571AX459 AP7911B NBRK0750 AP6031A AP9567 AP7567A NBRK0250 NBRK0570 AP7921B AP9562 AP6002A AP7811B AP9568 AP6003A AP9559 AP8853X973 AP7583 AP7968B AP7592 AP7902B AP6037A AP7582 AP7599 AP8690X0100 AP7598 AP7901B AP7584 AP9551 AP9560 AP7998B AP7869B AP9563 AP7568 AP7563 AP7564 AP9566 AP7802B AP7557NA AP7540 AP7801B AP9564 AP6039A AP7516 AP7530 AP7580 AP7899B AP7532 AP7562 AP7581 AP7569 AP9571AX863 AP7556X900 AP9568X863 AP7526X900 AP7516X900 AP7571X900 AP9566X863 AP8886 AP8966 AP8967 APDU9959EU3 APDU9941 (PSE/JAPAN CB only) AP8481X902 APDU9981EU3 AP8981 AP8681 AP8659 AP8881 AP8856 AP8858 APDU9953 AP8986 NBWL0755 AP7566XYYY

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.

Schneider Electric IT Corporation


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