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Switches, Industrial Control

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The document listing is represented by a combination of the UL CCN and File Number. A UL CCN (Category Control Number) is the code that represents the Product Category (Category Description). See below for more info on those terms.

Product CategoryThe Product Category, also known as the UL Category Description, describes the product classification under which an item or product is listed.

Switches, Industrial Control

File Number

File NumberA code UL has assigned to identify and track this listing.


Model Number(s)

Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

500, 500(y), 500-HV, 500-HV(y), 500-NC, 500-NC(y), A100-1, A100-1L, A100-2, A100-2L, A100-3, A100-3L... More


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500 500(y) 500-HV 500-HV(y) 500-NC 500-NC(y) A100-1 A100-1L A100-2 A100-2L A100-3 A100-3L A100-4 A100-4L A200* ACI, followed by -0.5, followed by -L or -P AG followed by 1,2,3,4,C or D, followed by SDT, followed by 24U or 120 followed by ENE, DEN or LA, or ELA, may be followed by three digits, followed by LC AGL1-NCR1-120-DEN+ AGL1-NCR1-120-ENE+ AGL1-NCR1-120-LA+ AGL1-NCR1-24U-DEN+ AGL1-NCR1-24U-ENE+ AGL1-NCR1-24U-LA+ AGL1-NOR1-120-DEN+ AGL1-NOR1-120-ENE+ AGL1-NOR1-120-LA+ AGL1-NOR1-24U-DEN+ AGL1-NOR1-24U-ENE+ AGL1-NOR1-24U-LA+ AGL1-SDT1-120-DEN+ AGL1-SDT1-120-ENE+ AGL1-SDT1-120-LA+ AGL1-SDT1-24U-DEN+ AGL1-SDT1-24U-ENE+ AGL1-SDT1-24U-LA+ AGL2-NCR1-120-DEN+ AGL2-NCR1-120-ENE+ AGL2-NCR1-120-LA+ AGL2-NCR1-24U-DEN+ AGL2-NCR1-24U-ENE+ AGL2-NCR1-24U-LA+ AGL2-NOR1-120-DEN+ AGL2-NOR1-120-ENE+ AGL2-NOR1-120-LA+ AGL2-NOR1-24U-DEN+ AGL2-NOR1-24U-ENE+ AGL2-NOR1-24U-LA+ AGL2-SDT1-120-DEN+ AGL2-SDT1-120-ENE+ AGL2-SDT1-120-LA+ AGL2-SDT1-24U-DEN+ AGL2-SDT1-24U-ENE+ AGL2-SDT1-24U-LA+ AGL3-NCR1-120-DEN+ AGL3-NCR1-120-ENE+ AGL3-NCR1-120-LA+ AGL3-NCR1-24U-DEN+ AGL3-NCR1-24U-ENE+ AGL3-NCR1-24U-LA+ AGL3-NOR1-120-DEN+ AGL3-NOR1-120-ENE+ AGL3-NOR1-120-LA+ AGL3-NOR1-24U-DEN+ AGL3-NOR1-24U-ENE+ AGL3-NOR1-24U-LA+ AGL3-SDT1-120-DEN+ AGL3-SDT1-120-ENE+ AGL3-SDT1-120-LA+ AGL3-SDT1-24U-DEN+ AGL3-SDT1-24U-ENE+ AGL3-SDT1-24U-LA+ AGLD1 or AGLD2 followed by 1 or 2, followed by SDT1 followed by 24U or 120, followed by ENE, DEN or LA, followed by ADJ. AM1-NCAC-OL AM1-NCAC-UL AM1-NOAC-OL AM1-NOAC-UL AM2-NCAC-OL AM2-NCAC-UL AM2-NOAC-OL AM2-NOAC-UL AM3-NCAC-OL AM3-NCAC-UL AM3-NOAC-OL AM3-NOAC-UL APS1-420-24L-(x) APS2-420-24L-(x) APS4-420-24L-(x) AS0-NCAC-120-FL AS0-NCAC-24U-FL AS0-NCDC-120-FL AS0-NCDC-24U-FL AS0-NOAC-120-FL AS0-NOAC-24U-FL AS0-NODC-120-FL AS0-NODC-24U-FL AS1, followed by -NOU or -NCU, followed by CC AS1-NCU-FF-GO AS1-NCU-FF-NL AS1-NCU-FT-GO AS1-NCU-FT-NL AS1-NCU-SP-GO AS1-NCU-SP-NL AS1-NOR-FT-GO AS1-NOU-FF-GO AS1-NOU-FF-NL AS1-NOU-FT-GO AS1-NOU-FT-NL AS1-NOU-SP-GO AS1-NOU-SP-NL AS1-NOV-FL-GO-SPDT AS1-NOV-FL-NL-SPDT AS3 -AADC-FF AS3 -AADCSP AS3 -CCDC-FF AS3 -CCDC-SP AS3 -NCDC-FF AS3 -NCDCSP AS3 -NODC-FF AS3 -NODCSP AS3-NCAC-FF AS3-NCAC-FF-03 AS3-NCAC-FF-15 AS3-NCAC-FF-NL AS3-NCAC-FT AS3-NCAC-FT-03 AS3-NCAC-FT-15 AS3-NCAC-FT-NL AS3-NCAC-SP AS3-NCAC-SP-03 AS3-NCAC-SP-15 AS3-NCAC-SP-NL AS3-NCDC-FT AS3-NOAC-FF AS3-NOAC-FF-03 AS3-NOAC-FF-15 AS3-NOAC-FF-NL AS3-NOAC-FT AS3-NOAC-FT-03 AS3-NOAC-FT-15 AS3-NOAC-FT-NL AS3-NOAC-SP AS3-NOAC-SP-03 AS3-NOAC-SP-15 AS3-NOAC-SP-NL AS3-NODC-FT ASD followed by 1 or 2 followed by NOAC or NCAC, followed by 24U, followed by FL ASL1-NCU-FF ASL1-NCU-SP ASL1-NOU-FF ASL1-NOU-SP ASL2-NCU-FF ASL2-NCU-SP ASL2-NOU-FF ASL2-NOU-SP ASL3-NCU-FF ASL3-NCU-SP ASL3-NOU-FF ASL3-NOU-SP ASL4-NCU-FF ASL4-NCU-SP ASL4-NOU-FF ASL4-NOU-SP ASM-NCU(yy)-FT ASM-NCU(yy)-SP ASM-NOU(yy)-FT ASM-NOU(yy)-SP ASP followed by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, followed by -DPT, followed by -24U, followed by -FD ASX-NCAC-FF ASX-NCAC-FF-15 ASX-NCAC-FF-NL ASX-NCAC-FT ASX-NCAC-SP ASX-NCU-FF-GO ASX-NCU-FF-NL ASX-NCU-FT ASX-NCU-FT-GO ASX-NCU-FT-NL ASX-NCU-SP ASX-NCU-SP-GO ASX-NCU-SP-NL ASX-NOAC-FF ASX-NOAC-FF-15 ASX-NOAC-FF-NL ASX-NOAC-FT ASX-NOAC-SP ASX-NOU-FF-GO ASX-NOU-FF-NL ASX-NOU-FT ASX-NOU-FT-GO ASX-NOU-FT-NL ASX-NOU-SP ASX-NOU-SP-GO ASX-NOU-SP-NL ASXP Series AT0-005-000 AT0-005-24L AT0-010-000 AT0-010-24L AT0-420-000 AT0-420-24L AT1-005-000 AT1-005-24L AT1-010-000 AT1-010-24L AT1-420-000 AT1-420-24L AT2-005-000 AT2-005-24L AT2-010-000 AT2-010-24L AT2-420-000 AT2-420-24L AT2-420-24LFL AT3-420-24LFL AT4-420-24LFL ATR0-42024L-FF ATR0-42024L-FT ATR0-42024L-SP ATR1-42024L-FF ATR1-42024L-FT ATR1-42024L-SP ATR2-42024L-FF ATR2-420-24LFL ATR2-42024L-FT ATR2-42024L-SP ATR3-420-24LFL ATR4-420-24LFL ATS followed by 1 or 2 followed by 005, 010, or 420, followed by NOAC or NCAC, followed by 24U, followed by FL ATS Series D100AC-NC-A D100AC-NC-A-NL D100AC-NO-A D100AC-NO-A-NL D150-1A D150-1NC-A D150-2A D150-3A D225 D245 D250 DS1 followed by ?SDTA or -SDTL, followed by -24U, followed by -FD. DS3 followed by -SDT or -NOU, followed by -12U or -24U DT followed by 0, 1, 2, or C followed by -005, -010, -020, or -420, followed by -12U, or -24U, followed by -U or -BP, followed by -FL DT followed by 1, 2, 3, 4, or C followed by -005, -010, -020, or -420, followed by -12U or -24U, followed by -U, -BD, or -BP, followed by -SP DT followed by 2, 3, or 4, followed by -005, -010, or -420, followed by -24U, followed by -U or -BP, followed by -FD. followed by 2, 3, or 4, followed by -005 or -010, followed by -24U, followed by BD, followed by -FD. HD100 HD100-NC MM1AC-NC MM1AC-NO MM1DC-NC MM1DC-NO MM2AC-NC MM2AC-NO MM2DC-NC MM2DC-NO Model DLT Series followed by A, B, or C followed by-420followed by -24L, followed by -U or -BP, followed by -FF, Model DLT Series followed by B, C, D, E or F followed by -420, followed by -24L, followed by -U or -BP, followed by -SP PBR-10C-12U PBR-10C-24U PBR-5C-12U PBR-5C-24U PD1AC-NC PD1AC-NO PD1DC-NC PD1DC-NO PD50AC-NC-A PD50AC-NC-A-NL PD50AC-NO-A PD50AC-NO-A-NL PD75-1 PD75-2 R110 R124 R210 R224 R510 R524 SA100-1 SA100-1L SA100-2 SA100-2L SA100-3 SA100-3L SA100-4 SA100-4L SA200* SC100-1 SC100-1L SC100-2 SC100-2L SC100-3 SC100-3L SC100-4 SC100-4L SC200* SC500 SC500(y) SC500-HV SC500-HV(y) SC500-NC SC500-NC(y) SD100AC-NC-A SD100AC-NC-A-NL SD100AC-NO-A SD100AC-NO-A-NL SD150-1A SD150-1NC-A SD150-2A SD150-3A SD225 SD245 SD250 SENTRY 100-1 SENTRY 100-1L SENTRY 100-2 SENTRY 100-2L SENTRY 100-3 SENTRY 100-3L SENTRY 100-4 SENTRY 100-4L SENTRY 200* SENTRY 225 SENTRY 250 SENTRY R225 SENTRY R245 SENTRY R250 SENTRY RD225 SENTRY RD245 SENTRY RD250 SENTRY SC225 SENTRY SC245 SENTRY SC250 SENTRY245 Series VTD followed by 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, followed by -420, 005, or 010 followed by 24U, followed by -DIN Series VTU followed by 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12, followed by -420, 005, or 010 followed by 24U, followed by -OS. Series VTU, followed by a letter A to K, followed by 420, 005, or 010, followed by 24U, followed by DIN. VTR1-420-24L-DIN VTR2-420-24L-DIN VTR3-420-24L-DIN VTR4-420-24L-DIN VTR5-420-24L-DIN

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.



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