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Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment

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The document listing is represented by a combination of the UL CCN and File Number. A UL CCN (Category Control Number) is the code that represents the Product Category (Category Description). See below for more info on those terms.

Product CategoryThe Product Category, also known as the UL Category Description, describes the product classification under which an item or product is listed.

Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment

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Model Number(s)

Model Number(s)Model numbers included in the listing. Multiple model numbers may indicate different products, different components within the products or both. This document also may not show all models included in the listing.

UC-7110-T-LX, UC-7110-T-CE, UC-7110-LX, UC-7110-CE, UC-7110, TAP-213-XXXXXXXX (b9), UC-51WW-X-YY-ZZZ... More


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UC-7110-T-LX UC-7110-T-CE UC-7110-LX UC-7110-CE UC-7110 TAP-213-XXXXXXXX (b9) UC-51WW-X-YY-ZZZZZ(=) UC-7408-LX AWK-4121A-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (X=0-9,A-Z, blank or dash or any character for marketing purpose and no impact safety related critical components and constructions) SMS-PVS20R1 UC-7112-CE UC-7112-LX UC-7112-T-CE UC-7112-T-LX UC-7402-CE VPort P06HC-XXX-YYY-ZZZZZZZZ (ff) UC-7408-CE NPort 5650-8-S-SC-z (u) UC-7410, UC-7420, UC-7408 UC-7410-CE UC-7402-LX Nport 5650-8-M-SC-z (u) NPort 5610-8-48V-z (u) NPort 5610-8-z (u) NPort 5612-16 NPort 5630-16-48V-z (u) NPort 5630-16-z (u) NPort 5630-8-48V-z (u) NPort 5630-8-z (u) Nport 5650-16-M-SC-z (u) TCF-142-X-Y-Z(b2) NPort 5650-16-z (u) TRC-2190XX (a210) NPort 1240 NPort 5650-8-z (u) UC-7410-LX TCC-100, TCC-100I, TCF-90-M-ST, TCF-90-S-ST, TCC-80, TCC-92, TCC-08I, TCC-80I, TCC-80-DB9, TCC-80I-DB9, TCC-82, TCC-120, TCC-120I, UPort 2410, UPort 2210, and UPort 1150 TRC-190-2AC TRC-190-2DC-48 TRC-190-AC TRC-190-DC-48 SMG-6100 NPort 5650-16-S-SC-z (u) ThinkCore W311-X # W3n5A-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz W6393-T-LX-US, W6393-T-LX-EU, W6273-T-LX WDR-3124A-xx-yy-z. (A181) UC-7122 UC-7122-CE UC-7122-T-CE UC-7124 UC-7124-CE NPort 1220 W311-LX V26nn-yyyy-x-y-z (a5) ThinkCore W315-X(l) ThinkCore W321-X (l) ThinkCore W325-X(l) ThinkCore W341-X (#) ThinkCore W341-X(l) ThinkCore W345-X(l) W311 W311-X # UC-7124-T-CE UPort 1410 UC-7420-LX UL7402 OnCell 3120-WWW-XXX-YYY-ZZZ (e1) UC-3101-WWW-XXX-YYY-ZZZ (e1) UC-3111-WWW-XXX-YYY-ZZZ (e1) UC-3121-WWW-XXX-YYY-ZZZ (e1) NPort 5610-16-z (u) SMS-PVS-G UPort 1250X (g) VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR-CAMXXXXXXXXXX (a138) UPort 1450 UPort 1450I Uport 1610-16 UPort 1610-8 Uport 1650-16 UPort 1650-8 V24nn-w-y-x-y-z-yyyyyyyy(a194) UC-7420-CE CN2650-x-yyy-z (m)(u) UC-8481 MGate MB348nX (k)# MAR-2nnn-y-x-y (^) UC-8410 UC-8410-y-x-y-z (^) UC-8416 UC-8416-y-x-y-z (^) UC-8418 UC-8418-y-x-y-z (^) ThinkCore IA261 UC-8430-y-x-y-z (^) ThinkCore IA241-XX-XX UC-8481-T-CE (TTC) UC-848n-y-x-y-z (^) W406, SMG-1100 IA260 IA261 IA261-I NPort IAW5x50Ayyyyyyyyyy(a204) NPort IA5x50Ayyyyyyyyyy(a204) NPort 6450-AMAT UC-8430 OS-ETP125 DE-332 DE-334 NPort P5150A, NPort P5150A-T, NPort P5150A-SPL-12, NPort P5150A-SPL-12-T NPort P5250A, NPort P5250A-T, NPort P5250A-SPL-12, NPort P5250A-SPL-12-T V26nnA-w-x-y-z-yyyyyyyy (z1) VPort 06EC-2Vxxxxxxxx (A208) MPC-122W-K (w) MPC-2070-xx-yyyyyyyyyyy (A214) ThinkCore IA262 OS-ETP VPort 16-DO-M12-CAM3L54xy (a8) UC-8410Axxxxyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz(197) UC-8410Axxxxyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz(a197) IA3341 UC-21WW-X-YY-ZZZZZ(a216) IA240-XX-XX* IA241-XX-XX* IA262 IA262-I ThinkCore IA240-XX-XX MPC-2120-xx-yyyyyyyyyyy (A214) CN2610-x-yyy-z (m)(u) NPort 6650-32-T NPort 6650-8 NPort 6650-8-48V NPort 6650-8-T CN2510-16-48V-z (u) CN2510-16-z (u) CN2510-8-48V-z (u) CN2510-8-z (u) NPort 6650-16-AMAT CN2610-8-48V-z (u) NPort 6650-16-T CN2650-x-DC (aa) DA-682-LX (T-NL1-00) CN2650I-x-yyy-z (m)(u) W311LX NPort 5410X # NPort 5430IX # NPort 5430X # NPort 5450IX # NPort 5450X # CN2610-16-48V-z (u) NPort 6610-16-T NPort 5610-16-48V-z (u) VPort 16-M12-CAM3L54xy (a8) UC-8486-LX (NGC) NPort 6150-AMAT NPort 6150, NPort 6150-T NPort 6250, NPort 6250-T NPort 6250-M-SC, NPort 6250-M-SC-T NPort 6250-S-SC, NPort 6250-S-SC-T NPort 6450, NPort 6450-T NPort 6650-32-48V NPort 6610-16-48V NPort 6650-32 NPort 6610-32 NPort 6610-32-48V NPort 6610-32-T NPort 6610-8 NPort 6610-8-48V NPort 6610-8-T NPort 6650-16 NPort 6650-16-48V NPort 6650-8-AMAT NPort 6610-16 NPort W2150, NPort W250 NPort 1220I DE-331 DA-685-LX (T) W321-X (l) W325-X(l) W341-X(l) W345-X(l) MGate W5xyz, MGate W5xyz-T (c2)(z2) NPort W2004 MC-4510 DA-682-LX(T-ECHO-30) DA-682A-X-Y-Z (&&) V481 V481-CE V481-T V481-T-CE V481-T-XPE V481-XPE IEC-G102-BP-W-X-Y-Z (W=SA or Pro or blank. X, Y, Z=T or 0-9 or A-Z or blank or dash, dash can be blank if without W,X,Y,Z (for other marketing purpose) "Product name: Industrial Next Generation IPS/IDS (Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System)" IPS-102-BP-W-X-Y-Z (W=TM or blank, X, Y, Z=T or 0-9 or A-Z or blank or dash, dash can be blank if without W,X,Y,Z (for other marketing purpose) DA-682-X-Y (&)(Y), DA-682A-X-Y-Z (X=C0-C8 or blank, Y=LX or CE or XPE or W7E or blank, Z=0-9, A-Z or blank, dash can be blank, if without X or Y or Z). W315-X(l) EDS-308-S-SC EDS-316-X1-X2-X3-X4(c) UC-8112-LX (LTE) UC-8112-LX-CG (LTE) UC-8112-ME-T-LX (LTE) UC-8112-ME-T-LX-CG (LTE) UC-81nn-ME-T-LXm-xx-yyy-zzz (b11) ED6008-X1-X2-X3-X4 EDS-308 UC-81nn-x-y-zzz (b10) EDS-308-MM-SC UC-8112-ME-T-US-LTE EDS-308-SS-SC EDS-508-X1-X2-X3-X4 EDS-726XXX# EDS-208-M-SCX (h) EDS-208-M-STX (h) EDS-208X (h) EDS-208X, EDS-208-M-STX, EDS-208-SCX (h) EDS-30X0 -X1-X2-X3-X4(f) MxNVR-IA8 EDS-308-M-SC VPort P06HC-1MP-M12-CAMXXXX (Cubic) (a218) AWK-3191-xx-yy-z (a174) NPort 5650-8-DTL (CV-AMEC) NPort 5650-8-DTL Series VPort 36-1MP VPort 36-1MP-IVA VPort 36-1MP-IVA-T VPort 36-1MP-T VPort P06-1MP-M12XXXXXXXXXX (a138), VPort P06-1MP-M12-MICXXXXXXXXXX (a138), VPort P06-1MP-M12-MICXXXXXXXXXX (LED) (a138) UC-81nn-x-yy-zzz (a16) MC-7306, TML-RS6C-xy (a207) EDS-405X0-X1-X2-X3-X4 X0 = 0-9, A-Z or blank (for marketing purpose) X1 = M, MM, MS, S, SS, EIP, PN or blank (stand for fiber mode) X2 = SC, ST or blank (stand for fiber category) X3 = 40, 80 or blank (stand for fiber transmissible distance) X4 = T or blank (stand for marketing purpose) DCU-8620(a175) NPort 5n50AI-M12xxxxxx, NPort 5n50AI-M12xxxxxx-T, NPort 5n50AI-M12xxxxxx-CT (!!) MD-219xxx-yy-zzzzz, MD-224xxx-yy-zzzzz, MD-226xxx-yy-zzzzz (x or y or z can be A-Z, 0-9, dash or blank, if without x or y or z, dash can be blank) MD-119-XX (a13) MD-124XXXXX(a10) IA246-ZZZZZ (z) DA-682(L3DC) UC-8100-ME UC-8112-ME-T NPort 5610-8-DTL VPort 26 and VPort P26 EDS-316(b) VPort P16-2MRXXXXXXXX series (n2) VPort 56-2MP-CAM10X VPort 56-2MP-CAM10X-S-SC VPort 56-2MP-CAM10X-S-SC-T VPort 56-2MP-CAM10X-T OnCell G2110 OnCell G2110-T EXPC-1319-w-x-y-z-nnnnnnnnnn (w1) OnCell G2150I EXPC-1419-w-x-y-z-nnnnnnnnnn (b5) VPort 26A-1MP, VPort 26A-1MP-T, VPort P26A-1MP and VPort P26A-1MP-T VPort P16-1MP-M12-CAMXXXXXXXXXX(a138) IKS-6524-X1-X2-X3-X4, IKS-6526-X1-X2-X3-X4 IKS-6728-4GTXSFP-aa-bb-c, IKS-6726-2GTXSFP-aa-bb-c (f4) IMC-21A-M-SC, IMC-21A-M-SC-T, IMC-21A-M-ST, IMC-21A-M-ST-T, IMC-21A-S-SC, IMC-21A-S-SC-T AWK-4131A-XXXXX(a184) AWK-1137CXXXXXX(a209) TAP-115XXXXXXXXXX(b9) AWK-11xyz-p-t (a17) OnCell G2110I NPort S8458-4S-SC-T and NPort S8458-4S-SC EDS-405X0-X1-X2-X3-X4(a) EDS-408X0(b)(d) EDS-408X0-X1-X2-X3-X4 where X0 = 0-9, A-Z or blank (for marketing purpose), X1 = M or S or MM or MS or SS or EIP or PN or or blank (for Fiber mode), X2 = SC or ST or blank (for Fiber category), X3 = 40 or 80 or blank (for Fiber transmissible distance), X4 = T or blank (for marketing purpose) EDS-408X0-X1-X2-X3-X4(c)(d)(e) EDS-505AX1X2X3X4 (i) EDS-508AX1X2X3X4 (i) EDS-510A-3SFP-X(h), EDS-510A-3GT-X(h), EDS-510A-1GT2SFP-X(h) EDS-5X0A-X1-X2-X3-X4 VPort P06HC-2XXXXXXXXX series (a0) IMC-21-X1-X2-X3-X4(c) MGate MB3660-8-J-2AC CCB 100 NPort 5110A NPort 5110A-T NPort 5130A NPort 5130A-T NPort 5150A NPort 5150A-T OS5008 Series MB3280x$ IED718A-SS-SC-RW-KZ MGate 5101-PBM-MNZ(a11) DA-662A-8-LX NPort 5110 NPort 5110-T NPort 5110-T, 5110-N NPort 5130 NPort 5150 VPort 461, VPort 461-T,VPort 451, VPort 451-T, VPort D361, VPort D361-T VPort 461A-XXXXXXXX (X=0-9, A-Z, blank or dash) MGate 4101Y-MB-PBS-Z (Y can be I or blank, Z can be T or blank, "-" can be optional) NPort Z2150 NPort Z2150-T NPort Z3150 NPort Z3150-T VPort 36-2Lxxxxxxxx (a20) VPort 36-2Lxxxxxxxx(N2) MPC-215wx-yy-zzz, MD-215wx-yy-zzz (a188) DA-662A-16-DP-LX MxNVR-IA8 -T MGate 4101Y-MB-PBS-Z (f1) UPort 1250IX (g) DE-304 MGate MB318n(j) DA-662A-I-16-LX NPORT W2150 PLUS-T DA-662A-16-LX NPort 5232 NPort 5232-T NPort 5232I NPort 5232I-T NPort 5210 NPort 5210-P, NPort 5230-P NPort 5230 NPort 5210-T NPort W2150 Plus NPort 5250A-T NPort W2250 Plus NPORT W2250 PLUS-T VPort 464 VPort 464-T VPort 364AXYZ (!) VPort 364XYZ (!) MxNVR-MO4, MxNVR-MO4-T VPort 364, VPort 364-T,VPort 364-M-SC, VPort 364-M-SC-T,VPort 364-S-SC, VPort 364-S-SC-T MGate MB3660-16-J-2AC NPort 5232 T ThinkCore DA-660-16-LX DA-662A-I-8-LX DA-660-16-CE DA-660-16-LX DA-662 DA-662-I DA-662-I-16-CE DA-662-I-16-LX DA-662-I-CE NPort 5230-T ThinkCore DA-660-16-CE DA-681Axxxxyzzzzzzzzzz (b8) ThinkCore DA-662 ThinkCore DA-662-I ThinkCore DA-662-I-LX DA-682Bxxxxyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz(a206) NPort 5210A NPort 5210A-T NPort 5230A NPort 5230A-T NPort 5250A DA-662-I-LX NPort 6110 MGate EIP3270I-T NPort 5650I-8-DTL-T DE-311 DE-311 V2.1 DE-311-485 DE-511 DE-302 DMSH-1 NPort 5650I-8-DT NPC-1 NPort 5650-8-DTL-T DE-211 DE-311, DE-311-T MGate EIP3170 MGate EIP3170-T MGate EIP3170I MGate EIP3170I-T MGate EIP3270 MGate EIP3270-T UC-7101, UC-7101-LX, UC-7101-T-LX DE-301 S4300xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (A1004) EDS-72810G EDS-82810G MC-72w0-xx-yy-zzz (x or y or z can be A-Z, 0-9, dash or blank, if without x or y or z, dash can be blank) (for marketing purpose only and no impact safety related constructions and critical components) MC-72x0-DC-CP-yy-zzz (z1) MPC-219wwww-xxx-yy-zzzzz, MPC-224wwww-xxx-yy-zzzzz, MPC-226wwww-xxx-yy-zzzzz(a14) UC-8540-x-y-z-aaaaaaaa (-) UC-85nn-x-y-z-aaaaaaaa(A211) RNAS-12nn-y-z, UC-12nn-y-z (b3); FLI-12nn-x-y-yyyyyyyy (b6) NPort 5650I-8-DTL R430xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (A1004) MGate MB3170 S430xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (A1004) V430xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (A1004) NPort 5610-8-DT NPort 5610-8-DT-J NPort 5610-8-DTL-T NPort 5650-8-DT NPort 5650-8-DT-J NPort 5650-8-DT-T NPort 5650-8-DTL K430xyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (A1004) NPort IA5150I-M-ST-T-WE MGate EIP3270I NPort IA5150-S-SC-T NPort IA5150-S-ST NPort IA5150-S-ST-T NPort IA5150-T NPort IA5150I NPort IA5150I-M-SC NPort IA5150I-M-SC-T NPort IA5150-M-ST-T NPort IA5150I-M-ST-T NPort IA5150-M-ST NPort IA5150I-S-SC NPort IA5150I-S-SC-T NPort IA5150I-S-ST NPort IA5150I-S-ST-T NPort IA5150I-T NPort IA5250 NPort IA5250-T MGate MB3280x (x = -0 to -9, -A to -Z, or blank) ThinkCore DA-662-I-CE NPort IA5150I-M-ST MGate MB3170I-S-SC MGate MB3170-M-SC MGate MB3170-M-SC-T MGate MB3170-M-ST, MGate EIP3170-M-SC, MGate EIP3170-M-ST, MGate MB3170-M-ST-T, MGate EIP3170-M-SC-T, MGate EIP3170-M-ST-T MGate MB3170-S-SC MGate MB3170-S-SC-T MGate MB3170-T MGate MB3170I MGate MB3170I-M-SC NPort IA5150-S-SC MGate MB3170I-M-ST, MGate EIP3170I-M-SC, MGate EIP3170I-M-ST, MGate MB3170-S-ST, MGate EIP3170-S-SC, MGate EIP3170-S-ST, MGate MB3170I-S-ST, MGate EIP3170I-S-SC, MGate EIP3170I-S-ST, MGate MB3170I-M-ST-T, MGate EIP3170I-M-SC-T, MGate EIP3170I-M-ST-T, MGate MB3170-S-ST-T, MGate EIP3170-S-SC-T, MGate EIP3170-S-ST-T, MGate MB3170I-S-ST-T, MGate EIP3170I-S-SC-T, MGate EIP3170I-S-ST-T NPort 4511 MGate MB3170I-S-SC-T MGate MB3170I-T MGate MB3270 MGate MB3270-T MGate MB3270I MGate MB3270I-T NPort IA5150 NPort IA5150-M-SC NPort IA5150-M-SC-T MGate MB3170I-M-SC-T AWK-4131-M12xxxxxxxx (N-CT) (a15) AWK-3131-xx-y(a1) AWK-6232-M12-xx-y(a9) AWK-5222-M12-xx-y(a2) AWK-5222XXXXX(r) AWK-3121-M12-xx-y(n) AWK-3121-xx-y, AWK-3121-SSC-xx-y(n) AWK-4121-xx-y(o) AWK-6222 XXXXX series + IKS-G6abbA-ccdddd-4GTXSFP-eee-HV-HV-f, ICS-G7abbA-ccdddd-4GTXSFP-eee-HV-HV-f(a can be 5 or 8; bb can be 24, 26 or 28; cc can be 8, 20 or blank; dddd can be GSFP or blank; eee can be 2XG, 4XG or blank; f can be A-Z or blank; dash can also be blank). AWK-4131-M12xxxxxx (a15) IMC-21GAXXXXXXXXXX (+) AWK-5232-xx-y and AWK-5232-M12-xx-y(a3) MGate W5121-xx-yy-z, where x=0-9, A-Z, blank or dash; y=0-9, A-Z, blank or dash; z can be T or blank OnCell G3150A-LTE-xx-yy-z, where x=0-9, A-Z, blank or dash; y=0-9, A-Z, blank or dash; z can be T or blank OnCell G3470A-LTE-EU-yy-z, OnCell G3470A-LTE-US-yy-z; where y = 0-9,A-Z, blank or dash; z = T or blank and "-" optionally provided IKS-6728-8PoE-4GTXSFP-aa-bb-c (aa: HV or 48; bb: HV, 48 or blank; c: 0-9 or A-Z or blank), IKS-6728A-8PoE-4GTXSFP-aa-bb-c (aa: HV or 48; bb: HV, 48 or blank; c: 0-9 or A-Z or blank), IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-aa-bb-c (aa: HV, 48 or 24; bb: HV, 48, 24 or blank; c: 0-9 or A-Z or blank), IKS-6728A-4GTXSFP-aa-bb-c (aa: HV, 48 or 24; bb: HV, 48, 24 or blank; c: 0-9 or A-Z or blank)(dash can be blank, if without aa or bb or c) EDS-828-G52 ICS-G7nnn-www-xxx-yyy-zzz(%) ICS-G7nnnA-www-xxx-yyy-zzz (%) IKS-G6abb-cGTXSFP-ddd-eeee-f, ICS-G7abb-cGTXSFP-ddd-eeee-f; ( a = 5 or 8; bb= 24, 26 or 28; c= 4~20; ddd=2XG, 4XG or blank; eeee=HV or HV-HV; f=A-Z or blank.) AWK-3131-M12-xx-y(a1) MiiNePort W1-T OnCell G3110 OnCell G3110-HSPA-xx, OnCell G3150-HSPA-xx (b1) OnCell G3150 Oncell G31n0-z(a4) Oncell G31n1-x-y (b4) OnCell G3110-HSDPA-xx(p) OnCell G3150-HSDPA-xx(p) OnCell G3xx1xxxxxxxxxx (q) OnCell 5004-HSDPA-xx(p) AWK-3121-M12-HP-yy-z (f5) OnCell 5004-xx(p) OnCell G21X1Y-Z (~) EDS-305-M-SC EDS-305 EDS-305-S-SC EDS-305-X1-X2-X3-X4 IMC-101-M-SC IMC-101-M-ST IMC-101-S-SC IMC-101-X1-X2-X3-X4 OnCell 5104-xx, OnCell 5104-HSDPA-xx, OnCell 5104-HSPA-YY (a6) NPort W2250A, NPort W2150A, NPort W2250A-T, NPort W2150A-T CN-2516 V2426yyyy(t) V24nn-yyyy-x-y-z(t) MXNVR-ROXXXXXXXXX (c3) V26nnA-w-x-y-z-yyyyyyyy (b7) V2101-X-Y(s) VPort 06-2XXXXXXXXXXX (n3) VPort 06-3MP-M12-CAMXXXXXXXXXX (n1) VPort P06-2XXXXXXXXXXX (n2) CN-2500 V2426Ayyyyyyyyyy (yy) CN-2508 TN-5516-8PoE-24-24, TN-5516-8PoE-24-24-T DE-303 DE-308

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.

Moxa Inc


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