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Light-emitting-diode Surface-mounted Luminaires Certified for Canada

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Light-emitting-diode Surface-mounted Luminaires Certified for Canada

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ALR2x2T, ABV3 Series, ALR234y, ERS4 Q, R, S, T, U, V, WW, X, YYYY, ZZZ, ERLC, ALR242T, ALR238Tzz, AL... More


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ALR2x2T ABV3 Series ALR234y ERS4 Q, R, S, T, U, V, WW, X, YYYY, ZZZ ERLC ALR242T ALR238Tzz ALR244y ABC1 EPASRSSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EL06II-III-IV-V-VI-VII-VIII ERS2 Series ECLS SERIES ALR248Tzz ABR2-V-XX-T EPASPPQRRSTTUVWXYYYYZZZ EAN (LED Evolve Area Housing) ALR254y EWN (Evolve Wallpack Housing) EFN (Evolve Flood Housing) EFM1 ALR238T EPTCRRSTTUVVWXYYYYZZZ ALR258Tzz series EPC Series EG2R ERL1 and ERLH Series Series EWS3 ERHM Pendant Floating Edgelit Series EP140 EFH1(a) Series E2SA. Suitable for Wet locations. ECSAXXXXXXXXX series Series EWS2 Series EADC ALR248T ALR2D4y ABR2-V-XX-H ALR2D8Tzz ALR252T ALR2x4T ALR2x8T ALR2x8T20 ALR2x8T16 ALR2x4N ALR258T ALR2D2T ERS3 Q, R, S, T, U, V, WW, X, YYYY, ZZZ ALR2D8T EACL EPTBRSSTTUVXYYYYZZZ EAL EALP E2SB ABH2-J4H ABH2-J1H ABH2-J6V ABH2-J4V ABH2-J3V ABH2-J2V ABH2-J1V ABH2-J6T ABH2-J4T ABH2-J2H ABH2-J2T ABH2-J6H ABH2-J3H ABH2-J3T EAMTSTTTUVWXYYYYZZZ ABH3 P 3T ABH3 P 1H ABH3 P 2H ABH3 P 4H ABH3 P 2T ABH3 P 4V ABH3 P 6H ABH3 P 6T ABH3 P 1V ABH3 P 6V ABH3 P 4T ABH3 P 1T ABH3 P 2V ABH3 P 3H ABH3 P 3V EWAS ABH4 P 2H ABH4 P 6T ABH4 P 3T ABH4 P 1T ALR1 4ft Standard Output ABH4 P 1H ALR1 8ft High Output ALR1 4ft Very High Output ABH4 P 4V ALR1 8ft Very High Output ABH4 P 3V ALR1 4ft High Output ABH4 P 2V ALR1 8ft Standard Output ABH4 P 4H ABH4 P 6H ABH4 P 1V ABH4 P 6V ABH4 P 2T ABH4 P 4T ABH4 P 3H ABHX P 3T ABHX P 1T ABHX P 2H ABHX P 2T ABHX P 1H ABHX P 2V ABHX P 6T ABHX P 1V ABHX P 3V ABHX P 3H ABHX P 6V ABHX P 6H ABHX P 4T ABHX P 4V ABHX P 4H ABR1-X-4H ABR1-X-2H ABR1-X-1T ABR1-X-3H ABR1-X-4T ABR1-X-1H ABR1-X-2T ALC3X1T8 ALC3X2V4 ALC3X1V4 ALC3X2V8 ALC3X2H4 ALC3X2H8 ALC3X1H8 ALC3X1T4 EPSTRRSTTUVVWXYYYYZZZ ALC3X1H4 ALC3X2T4 ALC3X1V8 ALC3X2T8 ALC4 8ft Very High Output ALC4 4ft High Output ALC4 4ft Very High Output ALC4 8ft Standard Output ALC4 4ft Standard Output ALC4 8ft High Output ALC5 8ft Standard Output ALC6 8ft 1x 50W PSU ALC5 4ft Very High Output ALC5 4ft High Output EPTT E2SC ALC6 4ft 1x 90W PSU ALC6 8ft 1x 90W PSU ERS1 Q R S T U V WW X YYYY ZZZ ALC6 8ft 2x 90W PSU ALC5 8ft High Output ALC6 4ft 1x 50W PSU ALC5 8ft Very High Output ALC6 4ft 1x 36W PSU ALC5 4ft Standard Output ALV1 4ft Standard Output ALV2 4ft 1x 50W PSU EL04II-III-IV-V-VI-VII-VIII ALV1 8ft Standard Output ALV1 8ft Very High Output ALV2 8ft 1x 50W PSU ALV2 8ft 1x 90W PSU ALV1 8ft High Output ALV2 8ft 2x 90W PSU ALV2 4ft 1x 36W PSU ALV2 4ft 1x 90W PSU ALV1 4ft Very High Output ALV1 4ft High Output EPSTQTTUUVWXYYYYZZZ ABH2-J1T [email protected] EWL EWSWRSSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EESWRSSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EAMDTUUOVVWXYYYYZZZ ERC Q R SS TT V WW X YYYY ZZZ EWS1QRSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ ERL2 EAMMRSSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EAS Q R SS T U VV W X YYYY ZZZ ERMCTUUVVWXYYYYZZZ EPTDWXYYYYZZZ EGMSRTTUVWXXYYYYZZZ EPTD1XYYYZZZ ERX1 R SS TT V WW X YYYY ZZZ EASMRSSTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EPCCSTTUUVWXYYYYZZZ EFC1 ALC6 8ft 1x 22W PSU ALC6 4ft 1x 22W PSU ALV2 4ft 1x 22W PSU ALV2 8ft 1x 22W PSU LWS-4W WS1-4N WS1-4W LWS-2N WS1-2W LWS-4N LWS-2W WS1-2N EPAM OO P QQ R SS T UU V W X YYYY ZZZ LALSy8-z-0 LALSy2-z-0 LAL-2x LALSy6-z-D LALSy5-z-0 LALSy6-z-0 LALSy4-z-D LALSy5-z-D LALSy4-z-0 LALSy8-z-D PFL01006FLabbNccdddd PGR01005PabbcSMdddd LPS022068xxVRIWHTE LPS018108xxVRIWHTE PFL01009FLabbNccdddd PGR01007PabbcSMdddd LPS012108xxVRIWHTE PFL01019FLabbNccdddd PFL01003FLabbNccdddd LPS018068xxVRIWHTE LPS009108xxVRIWHTE LPS022108xxVRIWHTE LPS009068xxVRIWHTE PFL01011FLabbNccdddd LPS012068xxVRIWHTE PWM01011AFabbcdSMeeee PWM01009AFabbcdSMeeee EPW1003AFabbcdSMeeee PWM1006AFabbcdSMeeee PWM01003AFabbcdSMeeee EPW1009AFabbcdSMeeee EPW1005AFabbcdSMeeee PWM01006AFabbcdSMeeee EPW1011AFabbcdSMeeee PWM1011AFabbcdSMeeee PWM01005AFabbcdSMeeee PWM1009AFabbcdSMeeee PWM1003AFabbcdSMeeee PWM1005AFabbcdSMeeee EPW1006AFabbcdSMeeee PSF04TX4TX81DSQVQSTKQW PSF04TX4TX81DCQVQSTKQW ARCE18abccQVddAQe ARC033abccQVddAQe ARC014abccQVddAQe ARC021abccQVdd*Qe ARCE25abccQVdd*Qe ARC021abccQVddAQe ARCE30abccQVdd*Qe ARCE25abccLQVddAQe ARC028abccQVddAQe ARC033abccQVdd*Qe ARC014abccQVdd*Qe ARCE13abccQVdd*Qe ARCE13abccQVddAQe ARCE30abccLQVddAQe ARCE18abccQVdd*Qe ARC028abccQVdd*Qe LKV LPSD-09 GEWabbxxBAT-2 ALM1-0-a-b-cc-W-e-4-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ IS GEWH24RDBAT LLWSOB004XX8ZZVQTMWHTE-3Track LWWa-bbcc-www-xyy IP180-C3 GEWabbxxBAT IP180-A6 IP140-A3 GEWH96BLBAT-2 LISB IP180-A3 ALM2-0-a-b-cc-C-e-2-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ ABN1 GEWH96RDBAT-2 LLWSOB004XX8ZZVQTMWHTE-1Track GEWH48RDBAT LLWSOB004XX8ZZVQTMWHTE ALM2-0-a-b-cc-C-e-4-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ GEWH48RDBAT-2 GEHLaabxxy1 IP180-DX LUS ALM2-0-a-b-cc-W-e-4-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ ABV1-E Output LIS ALM2-0-a-b-cc-W-e-2-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ LPSD-17 Luminaires, LED Surface Mounted GEWH24BLBAT LLWHOB007XX8ZZVQTMWHTE ALM1-0-a-b-cc-C-e-2-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ Series ABHG P Q R SS T U V WW X Y Z ZZZ LOP ALM1-0-a-b-cc-W-e-2-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ IP180-B6 GEWH96RDBAT ALM1-0-a-b-cc-C-e-4-g-h-ST-N-W-ZZZ LLWHOB007XX8ZZVQTMWHTE-3Track SS-m-04 IP140-A6 GEWH48BLBAT-2 LDS GEWH96BLBAT SS-M-08 GEWIaabbxxBAT DS GEWH48BLBAT LLWHOB007XX8ZZVQTMWHTE-1Track ABV2 LPSD-12 ABV1 GEWIaabbxxBAT-SY ABV4 Series ECH1 Series PELA PRCE1XYabbQVSTcQd PRC01XYabbQVSTcQd PRC02XYabbQVSTcQd PRCE0XYabbQVSTcQd PRCE2XYabbQVSTcQd

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.

GE Current, a Daintree Company


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