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Light-emitting-diode Surface-mounted Luminaires Certified for Canada

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Light-emitting-diode Surface-mounted Luminaires Certified for Canada

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TCRS, AXCL Series, BMK-xx, ShSe-CIR or -DRUM or -SHADE, 22CGT25yyC-347, 641, 635, 658, 661, 661-9, 6... More


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TCRS AXCL Series BMK-xx ShSe-CIR or -DRUM or -SHADE 22CGT25yyC-347 641 635 658 661 661-9 662 AN-750 662-12 673 FVS4M 600 605 ABB 674 I3 ARCH-L FT18VCI LS16 MPB-AF VT4S TL WL NL AL4850 R3 LXF Lexington R Mini RM C2xDIW 4ILED LS8 Cylinders 9000 Series Accent 1000 Series FT28VC CHS-400 HVSL8 FVS4P VT4SP 22CGT35yyC-347 FT28VCI AF CIG GWC B95F EHBLD 2NLW1540C C3xDIW MST28VC Line 3.0 AL2550LPC HVSL12 OHB Series EMM S23XDIP LBLED Series CHS-550 14XX 8ILED TCRL CTW C4xDIW 24CGT45yyC-347 MEM GPC ARCH-M 22FP3xyy 4RBG6 GAN AL3250LPCI 2NLW2040C HDF-LED M815SML B95S ACN C5xDIW CHS-750 Cylinders 9000 Series 22XX LHB-a-b-c-CD-e-f-g-h 8RBG6 VT3 ST-550 XHB S123XDP 4NLW4040C RT22FP 14CGT40yyC 164($) MQS E1 AXCS XTOR3A VST4-X OVF R3S (22/24) 2ACS PRV Arrowlinear S23DP 303-W3 S22DIP 865 Series 422 and 622 Cat. No. 2100 UCL-4 845 WSL series 128(d) 24CGT55yyC-347 LC32 or LC Series XTORFLD-KNC XTOR5A(b) USSL PMM 749 Series 154& S23DIP 1200 XX808yy FVS8M WPL 826 Series S23DL 866 Series# EN IW Series 24XX K6(b), KD(b) 2EN Series SNLED MCL 866-24 Series # Model(s) DSI (b) 226 XTOR9A(b) VST12-X SL140 AF72 195 303-S3 4NLW4040C90 147(d) XTOR1A XTOR2B FW WSN Line 2.0AC Series MAQ CLB NOH Series(b) GAR NAV J3 Series Radii G2 (Pendant Family) (@) 2ENS TT UTLD 605 CIM 846-24 Series ELPG FMW FT1850LPC WKP S23DS Radii AL2550L TBLED ENC 1081-XX~ K5(b) CSH SLS12-X LSM 163($) HBLED Series 150& XNV-AA Raye 2X6 (d) Model(s) 1061-xx series (^) K2(b) S23DW CTKR GAP K4(b) 805LRG WALL FT1850LPCW Raye 3X3 (d) 22FP4xyy Extreme High Bay Series, Model EHB 861 Series TRX11 (k) (j) Series 461(d) AL2550LPC(e) 282, 284 2ALNS Cat. No. SLSTP Series WP S23DIW Series 230 $ LSL8-X SLS8-X S123XDIP 121 MSN XTORFLD-TRN XTOR2A SL280 S23IP XTOR1B Model 0.08$ Z3S (22/24) 146(d) TMU 604 VST8-X Series 687 TLM ISS (Impact Sphere) XTOR5ARL(b) 303-S1 LCR ARC EML (Epic Modern Large) GLC XTOR9ARL(b) ARB GAT ICM (Medium Icon) MHN C2xDS AL3150LPC,AL3150LPCI, AL5550LPC, AL550LPCI NYSL Series FVS8P DRIS (22/24) 148(d) FCC S22DW 866-18 Series# NVN LDRL Series WP AL3050LPC(e) Series 404 693/4($) ENV 611 1043 Series (~) 2GRS S122 XNV-AB J2 AUS-NVN LCSQ 4WLW5040C AL3050L S123 TRR K1(b) 152& S124 MST1850LW HVL Series VXS/AVS IST (Impact Trapezoid) S125 VTS4-X MSA UCL-3 127(d) Cat. No. R3 Series LED, JS LED, JW LED Z2 Series 303-W1 LXF Lexington VT2 OVH VTS12-X Models S1, SL, S2, S3, S4, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6 -(b) I2 RT22SP S23XP BLD406-CA L1 XNV2 693($) VFS S22DP Woodbridge MST1850L JWA 2SRS MLN VWM ICS Series Breckenridge K3(b) SLS4-X LSR 860 Series ($) LSL4-X S22DS AL2850L AL2850LPC(e) S22DIW No. 682 R2XS (22/24) Cat. No. E1W, L1W Series 260(d) SKB2 CRTK Surface-Mounted Luminaires Model 682-WP-11 273# 632(#) FT1850L AL1550LPC FMB UCL-2 SDL TMSRX1A ENT 2GCS C3xDS YY14 VTS8-X 303-W2 R2 Series FMSLP 210 Series 153& Series SLD4 and SLD6 WP11 series ($) 4WLW5040C90 No. 982 GLEON H12F UTR XNV-AC 126(d) 141 VT4 MPW-AC 22CGT25yyC M815MED General Coverage LED Tube Lamp Style Luminaires AD-750 C4xDS ISW (Impact Wedge) GLNA Accent 1000 series FT1850LW SMDxS 4WLW6040C YY22 M815SQ C2xDIP C5xDS LM-xxL-yzz-aa 4WLW6040C90 L2 GAA E2 VB MB I2 WSNLED WNLED AB AP IP TB NB YY24 CFA 24FP4xyy HVSL4 22CGT35yyC SQ MPN AD-550 CTN XTOR3B FE1435LPC XNV-AF CRTK2 FE1450LPC 4SKB1 MWL-2 ISC (Impact Cylinder) VHBLED H12S C3xDIP TRX15 RT24SP HGL CEM PRV-XL EHBLD MPW HVSL2 24CGT45yyC C4xDIP Axcent Series S4DP 1800 ARCH Tile Series MWL-3 RT24FP ULA SMDxR ECM MLA XTOR8B BLD4089S-CA H12D XTOR4B MPB SKB4 USSL-XL C5xDIP LXS 24FP6xyy MWL-4 14CGT40yyC-347 MPW-AF ST-750 FT18VC AL7550LPC BLD606-CA 8SKB1 MPB-AC 441 1400 Series 14FP4xyy 2RBG6 DWI 24CGT55yyC ShSE-SQR or -BOX or -TRAP LXT Lexington BCLED Plane Series CRLED SWLED MST18VC I3-WL G8 BLD612 AN-550 SRL Series BLD6089S-CA LAL30BPCT RT14SP CST CVB WPSQLED-65-UNV-BK WPSQLED-75-UNV-BK WPSQLED-100-UNV-BK ALP5AYYZZ WPSQLED-65-UNV-BK-7050 WPSQLED-75-UNV-BK-7050 WPSQLED-100-UNV-BK-7050 WPSQLED-65-347-BK WPSQLED-75-347-BK ALS10AYYZZ WPSQLED-100-347-BK WPSQLED-65-347-BK-7050 WPSQLED-75-347-BK-7050 WPSQLED-100-347-BK-7050 WPSQLED-65-UNV-BK-PC WPSQLED-75-UNV-BK-PC ALS7AYYZZ WPSQLED-100-UNV-BK-PC WPSQLED-65-UNV-7050-BK-PC WPSQLED-75-UNV-BK-7050-PC WPSQLED-100-UNV-BK-7050-PC WPSQLED-65-347-BK-PC WPSQLED-75-347-BK-PC AL2050LPCBZ ALS4AYYZZ WPSQLED-100-347-BK-PC AL2050LPCGY WPSQLED-65-347-BK-7050-PC WPLLED-100-GL-UNV-7050. WPSQLED-75-347-BK-7050-PC WPLLED-100-GL-UNV WPSQLED-100-347-BK-7050-PC WPLLED-100-GL-UNV-PC WPSQLED-65-347-WH WPSQLED-75-347-WH WPLLED-100-GL-347 WPLLED-100-GL-347-7050 WPSQLED-100-347-WH ALB7AYYZZ WPLLED-100-GL-347-PC

CompanyThe Company that holds the listing with UL.

Cooper Lighting, LLC


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